Since 2007 has been the go-to resource for practical assistance with creating and deploying PAC files.

This website is the result of a decade of experience assisting companies small and large in deploying PAC files and WPAD with a cloud security service. The advice herein can provide a straightforward, consistent, and reliable deployment regardless of the organizational size.

The guiding principle behind FindProxyForURL is to dispel myths with how PAC files should be designed, to eliminate unnecessary coding, and to simplify ongoing maintenance.

Peter Hayes

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★ FindProxyForURL is undergoing a massive overhaul! The website has a new design, any identified errors and inconsistencies are being addressed, and a PAC File Introduction walk-through has been added.
★ The Browser Support, PAC Functions, and Debug PAC File pages have been updated.
★ A diagnostic tool developed by for troubleshooting PAC file and WPAD deployments has been added.