Behind the website

Layer 1 I started back in 2007 after joining a cloud security service, after becoming responsible for supporting many customers who chose to deploy using PAC files. While attempting to learn the technology I found a distinct lack of reliable and informative content for deploying PAC files, and even less information for deploying WPAD.

With that in mind I studied the available information online, learned in detail how customers were deploying PAC files, and sought to understand what challenges customers were experiencing when both creating and performing ongoing maintenance of the PAC files. This experience, gleaned from companies ranging from double digit end-users to six figures, has been fed back into the website and is an attempt to be the authoritative source for all things PAC and WPAD.

The decision was made early on for the website to be ad-supported and this continues to cover the majority of the web hosting bill each month. For this I thank you for the support which continues to keep FindProxyForURL online (and I harbor no ill will to those who use ad-blockers!).

I hope you find the information on this website useful and wish you good luck with your PAC/WPAD endeavors.

Peter Hayes